Mr. Moody


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PENNY SHANAHAN   Vocals, Sax, Keys

Penny is the fireball of the band. Her spontaneous style of performing is forever unpredictable and full of energy. She colors her performance with a bit of sax and keyboard. We never know what to expect from Penny on stage. We just try to keep up.

WARNING: We take no responsibility for those who try to keep up with Penny during live shows!


Meet the Band


DAN SHANAHAN  Guitar, Vocals

Dan is the technical-guy of the band. He handles all of the sound and lighting details to make sure the band sounds and looks great! While doing all of this, Dan also finds time to play guitar. His cool on-stage style is a mixture of many influences, enhanced with his spontaneous Eddie Van Halen Wanna-be-isms.

GEORGE REAGER   Drums, Djembe, "shaky" stuff

George provides the heartbeat of the band with his tasty yet technically proficient drumming style. A long time member of the Mr. Moody Band, George knows how to keep the band on its toes with his rockin' rhythms and fills. 

MARTY HUIZAR    Bass Guitar, Vocals




KEVIN FLOYD       Bass Guitar

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